Professional Corporate Web Site Package

Transfer Price

5,250 Turkish Lira

Credit Card Price

5,550 Turkish Lira

Delivery times for professional packages vary from 5 to 10 days.
Annual Payment
The professional package only charges $ 150 per year for expenses.
Installment Purchase
For professional package, payment by credit card is possible in installments. Maturity difference is applied according to the number of installments.
You can contact us by calling 0850 302 3550 or sending an e-mail to
Package Details

Unlimited Disk Usage
There is an unlimited amount of disk space reserved for files that you will upload as extra to your site.
Unlimited Traffic
Your website can receive unlimited visits.
Unlimited Email
You can receive unlimited e-mails in the form of
Unlimited Module Usage
You can use more than 10 modules and you can have the newly added modules at no additional cost.
SSL Certificate
SSL encrypts the data transfers between the server and the visitor. SSL certificate is very important in order to rank high on Google.
5 Language Support
Your site will support 5 languages to choose from 100+ languages. After you enter your content, your content will automatically be displayed in the languages you select.
24/7 Support
When you need support 24/7 support, we guide you in the most accurate way.
Custom design
Your site will be recolored specifically for your corporate colors. In addition, header-footer sections and modules are redesigned for you.

Responsive Design

Maximum compatibility with all devices! Your web site will be reshaped according to the device your visitors use, get the most appropriate appearance and reflect your professionalism.

Unlimited Pages

Create as many custom content pages as you like! Give your visitors more information about your work and get the most benefit from choosing them.

100+ Language Support

Reach your customers in their own language! Create your content in your own language and let your visitors access it! Promote your company all over the world.

Modular Structure

Position the modules on any page and in any order! Hide-Show any module. Design your site without the need for additional staff.

Menu Management

Redirect your visitors to the page you want! Advanced menu management allows you to select the menu position, icon and page to be redirected.


Group content added to modules! Get more useful module management by grouping your content into modules.


Quickly show your pages from the cache! Cache the content you add in all languages, increase your page opening speed and increase the value of your site in search engines.


Functionality evolving day by day! Get new software updates at no additional cost, combine your content with newly added features and promote your company better.

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